Boerne Boot Camp Is Your Best Choice

Why Boerne•Kerrville Adventure Boot Camp is your BEST Choice for Exercise Classes

Boerne•Kerrville Adventure Boot Camp Can Change Your Life

If you have tried and failed at getting into shape in the past, Boerne•Kerrville Adventure Boot Camp is your answer. Americans are eating more and moving less, yet they are undernourished. Our nation is the world leader in both fitness and fatness. If what you are currently doing to maintain your physique is not working, boot camp is exactly what you need to jump-start your body transformation. Where will you be in 4 weeks if you continue on your current path? Where CAN you be after 4 weeks of the Boerne•Kerrville Adventure Boot Camp program? You have nothing to lose except unwanted fat, and your gains are LIMITLESS.

Boerne•Kerrville Adventure Boot Camp is for you if you can relate to the following:

  1. You think about starting a new diet every Monday.
  2. You are unhappy with the reflection staring back at you in the mirror.
  3. You wake up wondering what happened to your body.
  4. You realize you are not a qualified body transformation specialist.
  5. You like the accountability to someone other than yourself to keep you motivated.
  6. You are bored with your current routine.
  7. You have started and stopped exercise programs in the past.
  8. You know there is an athlete inside you waiting to emerge.
  9. You want to look and feel better than you did when you were 20.
  10. You dread shopping for a bathing suit.

Top 10 reasons to participate in Boerne•Kerrville Adventure Boot Camp:

  • Being accountable to Coach Jeff Seale, voted Boerne’s Best of the Best Personal Trainer,  increases your chances of sticking to your workout and healthy eating!
  • These Boerne•Kerrville Adventure Boot Camp ladies are the most supportive, non-intimidating, and inspiring group of like-minded women who want to be fit and healthy – just like you.
  • You’ll get outdoors, expend calories, have fun exercising, breathe fresh air, meet great people in your neighborhood and get lean. (That’s actually 6 reasons right there!)
  • It’s affordable! Workouts are under $15 an hour, so you are getting the expertise of Boerne’s Best Personal Trainer at a small fraction of the cost.
  • No gym membership or home equipment is necessary. All you need to get started is a mat and a pair of dumbbells from 5 – 10 pounds.
  • Your workout is over before your family and colleagues are even awake.  And, your metabolism is fired up for the rest of the day!
  • You can be in a new body in 4 weeks. You can expect to shed up to 10 pounds, go down a clothing size, and lose 2 – 3 inches off your waist, if you follow the program.
  • You are more likely to eat healthily when you are starting your day off with a fantastic workout.
  • Your friends can join you. Mystery breeds company. Just kidding!
  • And the number one reason to join Boerne•Kerrville Adventure Boot Camp is that your coaches are completely committed to your success.  Rest assured, they will share every bit of their experience and knowledge in helping women transform their bodies and lives. You are guaranteed to succeed if you follow the program.

Each Boot Camp, you can expect:

  • New workouts for all 20 camp sessions. No two workouts are alike.
  • Daily empowering e-mails to coach you towards making positive lifestyle changes.
  • Feedback on your food logs each week.
  • A free boot camp t-shirt to wear proudly.
  • The expertise of a fitness industry leader and women’s body transformation specialist.
  • Graduation gifts and celebration.
  • Goal achievement – every camper is successful.
  • Support from ladies just like you who want to be their physical best.
  • Join today. You can join an existing camp or register for the next camp session beginning soon.


We are members of the Boerne Chamber of Commerce and theKerrville Chamber of Commerce, proudly serving the families of our communities promoting fitness, health, and generating regular fundraisers to help those in need!