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by David Hinkle
photos by Will Raybourn, Raybourn Photography
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Let’s face a fact: it is much easier to get things done when you know someone’s watching. This is true whether you are creating a project at work or taking your children to yet another soccer game. The secret is accountability – and women in the Hill Country have the opportunity to be accountable, lose weight and make significant changes in their lives all in one place.

      Since 2008, Jeff and Kathrine Seale have been coaching women toward better fitness and a healthier lifestyle with their Boerne and Kerrville Adventure Boot Camp for Women. These camps, which run Monday through Friday for four weeks, have made the “wellness” difference for many Hill Country ladies.
      The Seales are passionate about their business. Kathrine had a psychology practice in Kerrville but wanted to do something different to help women of all ages. “I had been looking for something new for a long time,” she says. “I went to a boot camp conference with Jeff. I sold my car and office and started the camp in Kerrville.
      Jeff Seale is a well-known Boerne fitness expert. He has been named Personal Trainer of the year for 2009 and 2010 by the Boerne Star. He earned a bachelor’s degree in biomedical science from Texas A & M and then went to Hollywood. After developing an intense interest in kayaking, he came to the Hill Country setting up shop in Waring.
      Jeff and Kathrine met at steak night at the Waring General Store and married a year-and-a-half later in a ceremony on top of Enchanted Rock. They have a son and a booming fitness business.
     “We run the Ritz-Carlton of boot camps,” explains Jeff.
      So, what exactly can a woman seeking to lose pounds and develop a healthier lifestyle expect at a Boerne and Kerrville Adventure Boot Camp for Women? The word “variety” comes to mind. For one hour, each day of the business week, for four weeks, women are encouraged and cheered on to make changes to their lives. It starts with a free assessment which is done for each student before and after the 20 day period.
      Jeff and Kathrine say they have seen astonishing changes in under three weeks. “The day we look forward to,” notes Kathrine, “is day 20. It is kind of like ‘The World’s Biggest Loser,’ there is not a dry eye in the house.”
      Equipment requirements are minimal. Each student needs to be ready to work out and bring some light weights – any type will do – along with a personal exercise mat.
      The boot camps do it all –circuit training, hiking, coreconditioning, pilates and more.
      Jeff explains, “Each day is different. It is always going to be something new. You are going to get a safe, amazing workout. The rest of the day, your body is burning calories. You will have more energy. You do your workout and then focus on your nutritional needs the rest of the day.”
      The boot camp does not end when the hour workout is over. Each participant is sent a daily e-mail newsletter full of tips on better foods, better habits and better health. “When they try these tips, they really work,” notes Kathrine.
      There are two boot camps in Boerne. The first is at Champion High School at 5:30 a.m. A second camp is offered three hours later at the Boerne Northrup Park Pavilion. The Boerne camps are coached by Jeff. Kathrine is in charge of the Kerrville site and the camp begins each morning at 5:30 at Schreiner University.
      All sorts of women – every shape, size and age – are benefiting by going to an Adventure Boot Camp for Women. “We have many different people — 21-year-old couch potatoes and 50-year-old triathletes. We have moms come all the time. When the mom’s change, the family changes.”
      This is apparently true even for husbands. Kathrine says it is not unusual for the men to lose 10 or 15 pounds while their wives are going to the work-outs.
      The cost for the 20 day boot camp is $299.00. Many women, after attending a few camps, decide to commit to a yearly membership. This Platinum Membership gives substantial savings – essentially it’s three months free. There is a rolling membership so women who want to join do not have to wait for the start of a new session.
The Seales want to change the people in the Hill Country one woman at a time. They know that health begets health and that when the women make a life style change, it will affect the whole family. “What I want,” says Jeff, “is for the community of Boerne to get healthier. We want this town to be as fit as possible.”
      Kathrine adds, “Can you imagine Boerne and Kerrville with healthier kids? If you think they were smart before, just wait! … If you are reading this now (referring to the BBM audience), and you don’t think you can do this, you WILL be our biggest success.” Jeff sums it up, “Nothing will work unless YOU do.”